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The Hungry Bear ABC Book

I’ve been less active on here lately because I have been tapping into my artistic side to create children’s book with a nutrition education aspect! Here is my first book: The Hungry Bear Alphabet.

Gourmet Backpacking Recipes

Backpacking trips became a tradition in my family after my parents fell in love with the mountains after they took summer jobs as wilderness rangers in Northern California in their early twenties. Each year we plan out our meals day by day and delight in the excitement of sharing new recipes with the group.

Berries and Cream Cheesecake Slices

This is the perfect summer dessert for warm weather! Refreshing dairy-free lemony cheesecake topped with a berry compote of your choosing- I went with blackberry huckleberry, but raspberries and strawberries would be equally as delicious!

Navigating the Grocery Store

If you’re anything like me, you could spend hours meandering around a new health food store looking at all the cool products. But as you may know, just because a product has been categorized as “healthy” doesn’t always mean it is made of the best ingredients.

Overnight Oats with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote

Soaking your oatmeal overnight helps increase the bioavailability of nutrients. Rhubarb is a powerful digestive stimulant and goes perfectly with strawberries!

Colorful Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs make a great snack to have on hand, providing a healthy balance of dietary protein and fat. I like to make a batch of these at the beginning of the week for a quick bite of protein when I am in a rush.

Stinging Nettle Chimichurry

Spring is the perfect time to collect wild nettles (Urtica dioica). They are just starting to leaf out and the plant is tender and tasty! I have made this simple green sauce multiple times this week to eat on top of baked sweet potatoes or homemade turkey meatballs.

Supporting Your Immune System

Now that toilet paper has become a commodity, and masks are mandatory, I thought I’d share a few nutrition tips on how to support your immune system during the time of COVID-19.