Looking for inspiration on how to build a nutrient-dense kitchen pantry? I’m happy to help! Get a Kitchen Makeover and throw out the rancid oils and switch your sweeteners to something containing more vitamins and minerals. Learn about meal prepping, storage and kitchen gadgets that are the most useful for setting yourself up for success!

what we will accomplish together:

Get clear on your goals…

Are you starting from scratch, or do you simply want to learn how to make healthy recipes? What do you most need help with in the kitchen?

Pantry makeover…

Together we will assess your pantry staples, choosing the healthiest and most versatile options. We will also talk about kitchen equipment- which items are necessary, and which are overrated.

Cooking skills- Learn the basics…

We will go over knife skills, vegetable prep, how to use your kitchen equipment, and the best way to plan out a meal based on recipe details.

Recipe inspiration and meal planning…

Once you feel comfortable in the kitchen, it’s time to learn how to work smarter, not harder! Prepping ingredients that have recipe overlap and making meals that last are key skills to becoming a good cook!