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Today, more than ever, in the midst of a global pandemic, personal health is of the utmost priority. When we build a strong foundation using nourishing foods and anti-inflammatory eating practices, we ensure a healthy immune system that can protect us and keep us strong. If you have underlying health conditions, or simply want to know how to improve your overall health, take a look at my consulting services below.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Find What Works for You! Would you like to feel better, but don’t know where. to start? Each individual is different, and optimal health isn’t a one-size fits all kind of program. In a one-on-one counseling session we will come up with a personalized plan complete with supplement and lifestyle recommentdations for getting you back on track to feeling your best. 


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Workplace Wellness


A little nutrition education can be life changing in the work place. Bad habits can increase the risk of chronic illness, and affect not only your employees’ lives, but your company premiums as well.

Not feeling well makes it hard to do our best in the work place, and leads to more sick days. Sign up your team for my crash course in holistic education to learn valuable nutrition basics.

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Private Cooking Lessons

Do you want to cook nutritious meals but don’t know where to start? Let me teach you the basics!

Looking for inspiration on how to build a nutrient-dense kitchen pantry? I’m happy to help! Get a Kitchen Makeover and throw out the rancid oils and switch your sweeteners to something containing more vitamins and minerals.

Learn about meal prepping, storage and kitchen gadgets that are the most useful for setting yourself up for success!

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Holistic Wellness Retreats

Thinking of hosting a wellness retreat, or looking to collaborate? I have three years of experience catering for workshops providing healthy, eye-catching meals that are sure to impress your guests!

>>> Team Building

>>> Women’s Networking

>>> Wellness Workshops

>>> Corporate Retreats

>>> Reunions

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“Thank you Madia! We all agreed that your cooking lesson  today has inspired us to make healthier choices and to eat & cook as a family. After your consult we are trying new foods. All the information & recipes help a lot- It makes it seem so obvious.”

Dawn / Client

“Madia’s presentations are very well sourced, informative, and comfortable. There is no sense of judgement when we ask a question, and I appreciate the thought she puts into her responses. I take workshops just because they’re hers, and I always learn something, even when I’ve attended a session before.”

Catherine / Corporate Wellness

“As long as we’re talking about food, the ‘icing on the cake’ of working with Madia (of course, we’re talking about a wonderfully healthy icing for which Madia is sure to have a recipe!) is that Madia is a genuinely wonderful person, an incredible artist, a calm/supportive/inspiring teacher, and a prolific inventor of creative recipes.”

Bonnie / Client
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