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“Thank you so much for your help Madia. There is much conflicting information out there, as such you are an invaluable Oracle of expertise knowledge!”

Carrie / Retreat Attendee

“In Madia’s online class, I loved the relaxed nature of the discussion. Madia would ask a question to the group and some people took the opening to share; the handout was useful for flow and clarity.”

Lynn / UCSC Staff Wellness

“Knowing where my food was coming from and what went into producing it was a valuable lesson. Madia was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I love her relaxed teaching style.”

Maria / NIA Staff Wellness

“Madia gives wonderful classes! I’ve been learning so much from both the Kick the Sugar, and Jumpstart Your Health classes. I’ve noticed a big change in my overall eating habits.”


Carol / NLCM Wellness

“Madia is a wonderful, knowledgeable presenter with a very down-to-earth and friendly style. She is an excellent teacher! Please keep bringing us her workshops!”

Jessica / UCSC Staff Wellness

“I find Madia’s info and delivery in these wellness workshops to be very accessible and reasonable. The discussion, handout, and question & answer session were all really good!”


Robert / NIA Staff Wellness

“Thank you Madia! I lost 10 pounds this week, went from 223 to 213 – the most ever. I appreciate your knowledge and input.”

David / Client

“Madia is so knowledgeable & engaging. Love these workshops. I’ve been to the same ones multiple times and I always learn something new.”

Rebecca / UCSC Staff Wellness

“Madia makes these nutrition presentations worthwhile! She is great at researching the topic of choice. I will be coming back for more.”

Carolyn / NLCM Wellness